The intelligent system to avoid queues and reduce waiting time!

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An overview of the System!

This ticket-System can work independently from all other systems, which are used in your store. Your customers collect a numbered ticket from a ticket-Kiosk, which is placed close to the entrance of your store (1).

With the help of our intelligent algorithm the tickets are then automatically allocated to the counters based on the type of request. This enables optimised waiting times for your customers. Using the control system, your employees can easily call the next customers and they are already informed beforehand about the type of concern the customer has (2).

When your employee decides to call the next customer, the number is automatically displayed on screens above the counter, at strategic places (so that customers are near other products they might buy) (3), or other big screens located in the store (4).

This will not only bring advantages to your customers, but also to you:

Are you part of a shopping center or neighbor other shops? Send your customers an SMS alert when their remaining waiting time drops beneath a certain value. This will ultimately increase customer satisfaction, since they can use the waiting time meaningfully to cross off other things on their to-do lists.


Do not keep your customers waiting in lines.

Intelligent ticket-number system

When your customers enter your store they take a number instead of joining a queue. This number reserves him/her a place in the virtual queue. Therefore, they do not have to stand strictly in a real line anymore, but can sit down or shop around while waiting.

Important Statistics

Get a detailed insight into the waiting times of your customers: How long does it take from entering the shop to leaving it again?

Touch-Control system

With the help of an easy-to-use touch system, your employees can easily control and manage the customer flow.

Satisfied Customers

The system decreases the perceived waiting time of your customers. They will not get bored by waiting in line, instead, they can shop around while waiting for their turn. This will increase customer satisfaction.


The system is easily installed as well as managed and can be delivered with a customized design.

Intelligent distribution depending on customer requests

The system distributes the customers automatically to the different counters based on their requests and the employee’s ability. Therefore, the waiting time will be optimized automatically.

One of our reference customers:

Technical Details

  • Stabile Steel-Box
  • Height x Width x Depth: 136 x 45 x 38
  • Securitylock
  • Box Ventilation
  • 19 Inch 5:4 TFT LCD Industry Display (1280 x 1024)
  • Voltage AC: 100-240V / 50-60Hz 3 A
  • Working Temperature: 0-45°C - Humidity 30-90%
  • Different colours on request
  • Incl. Thermoprinter 58mm (integrated)

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