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An Overview of the System!

The QGo Calling System is easily installed and works independently of your already existing systems - no integration is necessary! Your employees can call the next customer by simply pressing a button on their computer keyboard, tablet or a physical button installed at the counter. On a display that is highly visibly positioned at the exit of the queue or above the counters, the customer is automatically called to the free counter. Naturally the visual sign can be combined with a certain acoustic signal.

The QGo waiting time system is a camera-based solution, where an algorithm calculates the expected queueing time in minutes. This data can be easily integrated in internal systems and be displayed on a screen at the entrance of the queue.

Combined these systems represent the perfect solution for any check-in counter! However, they can also be purchased separately.

Both, your customers and you, will benefit from the systems:


Reduce and eliminate the queues in different areas of the airport and increase customer satisfaction! With the help of a calling system the process at the check-in counter is optimized and customer service is improved. A queueing analysis system further informs the customers how long they currently have to wait at the check-in or security check and removes the insecurity. Finally, the QGo TICKET system saves customers from queueing whenever things do not go according to plan and a service at the airline help desk is requested. You can get more information about this system at QGo TICKET

The Calling System

Whenever a counter becomes available, the employee presses a button. Consequently, the next customer is called on a display that is positioned in a highly visible location such as at the end of the queue or above the counters.

Statistics on Customer Behavior

By using our system, you receive important insights on the processing times, waiting times, etc. With a simple additional feature, you also get data about the time between calling a customer and his arrival at the counter.

Easy Usability

The calling can be done via computer, tablet or a physical button at the counter, as you prefer. In any case the employee is relieved of some of his duties, since he can now call the next customer by simply pressing a button instead of gesturing and shouting for the next passenger to come.

Customer Satisfaction

By optimizing the calling process and reducing waiting times, the customer satisfaction of the passengers is increased. Displaying the time he will have to wait, already before joining the queue will reduce the stress level and insecurity.

Process Optimization

The calling system reduces the time that passes between the handling of two passengers’ concerns, as the customers only have to keep an eye on one display instead of various counters. Consequently, the processing is optimized and the waiting time of the passengers is reduced.

More Information

Displaying the expected waiting time at the entrance to the queue, helps frequent fliers optimize their time management and calms leisure travelers, as they see that there is enough time left. If once there is not enough time, the late customer can take measures early on.

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